May 20, 2016

Class of 2016!

A few weeks ago I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public and Community Health!  It was sad to end this chapter of my life, but I am really looking forward to the future, and all that it will bring.

This is what a college student looks like coming home from school every day: Eating breakfast and lunch in the car, professional dress for endless presentations, portfolio in hand, and exhausted from group meetings and reviewing for exams!

The entire Community Health department!  Our department held a nice reception at the Health building before the College of Science and Health convocation began.  

The most loving husband

And most supportive parents

THE Mary Brown!  Hands down the best educator out there.  She dedicates ALL her time to her students, and is so passionate about health.  I hope she enjoyed having me in her classes 5 semesters in a row! haha ;)

Side note:  I haven't changed my last name because of applying for visas for Ghana/Scotland etc. which is sad :( but I'm kind of glad I graduated as a Pace, because the announcer had no problem saying it, and I just know Schenewark would have been butchered reeeaal bad... lol 

Celeste and I were actually on UVU's dance team together our freshman year, and ended up in the same major later on!

Countless classes (and good old summer school) with Megan.  Sweetest girl ever!  

Kim, Shalom, and Gina.  We had many classes together but Capstone was the best!

Hope and I both got married our senior year so we always had so much fun talking wedding plans!

Tori is so cute and was in my Program Implementation and Eval. group.  I wish I could have gotten pictures with everyone!

And Lynley, who was my international health teacher, and a big inspiration to me.  She is so compassionate, has traveled everywhere, and has the best stories.  We are actually going to Ghana together in less than two weeks, and I just know it will be a blast with her there!

I'm missing pictures with a few more professors and students, but I'm glad I got at least a few of all the people who helped to shape me to who I am now.  I'm so grateful for UVU!  It really lived up to it's motto: "Engaged Learning", through all of the projects we did in the community, work we did with non-profit organizations, conferences I was able to attend, small class sizes, and group work with amazing peers.  I actually left UVU to attend a different school after my freshman year, but came back after 2 semesters because I missed this style of learning.  UVU was the perfect school for me, and I wouldn't trade these last four years for anything!

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